Bantha Tracks

Tusken Raider

I recently found old faded samples of some of the first drawings I ever had “published”; some fan art submitted to BANTHA TRACKS, the 1970s/80s STAR WARS fan club newsletter. Soon after my 13 year old mind was thoroughly blown by STAR WARS in 1977, I saw an ad in a magazine (probably a 1978 … Read more



I’ve been pretty excited about my first paid professional art assignment as a left-handed artist. A few months ago, my good friend of many years, Carol Hughes, commissioned me to draw the cover for her latest book, OPERATION SNOWBALL, a fun adventure story based on the fictitious (or perhaps TRUE) adventures of her family dogs, PICKLE AND PEARL. It has been over two … Read more

Creative Elephants

It has been a while since I posted any pictures from my Dad’s elephant limerick book. This one illustrates a news story (and accompanying limerick) about the Thai Elephant Orchestra. Elsewhere in Thailand, there are also elephants who can paint pictures, (the elephant book features a limerick about them too, see this earlier post for … Read more