Bantha Tracks

 Posted by on July 27, 2018  Childhood art, Illustration
Jul 272018

I recently found old faded samples of some of the first drawings I ever had “published”; some fan art submitted to BANTHA TRACKS, the 1970s/80s STAR WARS fan club newsletter.

Soon after my 13 year old mind was thoroughly blown by STAR WARS in 1977, I saw an ad in a magazine (probably a 1978 issue of STARLOG) soliciting members for the STAR WARS FANCLUB, and I eagerly sent in my application. A few weeks later, I received my first issues of the fanclub newsletter that kept mouth breathers around the planet updated on our movie obsession; the ongoing Star Wars saga. OH BOY! 

Over the next few years I sent several cartoons to the newsletter, which was a simple pamphlet folded from one broadsheet of paper, and my cartoons were even published, which was quite a thrill for a dorky 14-16 year old living in a small town on the far side of the world.

Recently finding a few faded issues of this old fanzine was a major nostalgia blast from a time when such fan newsletters and zines were how we sweaty fan nerds stayed in touch with each other, and got information on our various obsessions. A network since replaced by THE INTERNET.

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  1. yes, remember it well – typewritten mimeographed – or – luxury!- xeroxed – 8 1/2 x 11 paper folded in half and stapled on the seam, crappy black n white repro, fan cartoons, ads to order stuff, – my particular experience was the historical re enactment world. it was crude but it was how the network communicated and it worked.

    • Yes, it’s strange thinking back to that time when we had such a hard time getting information, about anything really. I guess ZINES and such were the first forms of social media.

  2. That’s some good poo doo right there!

  3. Great stuff James! Such a great moment in time.

    • Thanks Peter! By this time I’d already got some small illustrations gigs in my hometown (T-shirt designs etc) but seeing these in print was a special thrill.

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