The Princess

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Apr 272010

Some quick Photoshop tones over a pencil doodle of that sassy heroine, Princess Leia..

It’s not finished but maybe I’ll tidy it up later.Star Wars, Princess Leia, A New Hope

  9 Responses to “The Princess”

  1. You captured the rebellious expression on her face really well!

    • Thanks! She was a great character. All ‘tude.

      Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture her FEET; the drawing gets sorta vague down there, so I cropped the pic. Tee hee

      From now on, I am going to try and post more semi-loose/semi-finished doodles, in an effort to put more art up on this blog, plus (hopefully) learn to loosen-up in Photoshop. I want to find a comfortable place somewhere between super-scribbly or super-finished; a style/technique that I like but that can be done quickly.

  2. LOVE IT! You should do another in an action pose!

  3. true grit! replete with the vertical good’n’plenty light bars emblazoned on every frontal lobe circa 77. this is ripe for a warhol color spectrum..

  4. You wanna marry her!!!

  5. Princess..layer upper layer! haha!

  6. such a dreamy, but bad-ass rendition. Nice work, as always Senior Baker!

  7. Is she married to Prince or is she his sister? either way, she's gorgeous!

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