Memory Reboot

 Posted by on March 18, 2010  Conventions, Drawings, Pin Ups
Mar 182010

In an attempt to purge my mind’s eye of images of the BEARDED SLAVE LEIA seen last weekend at Emerald City Comic Con, where he single handedly overwrote the adolescent memories of a thousands of nerds (including myself) here are some quick sketches of the Princess LEIA I would prefer to remember, drawn through bleeding eyes.

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  1. John click the TEXT link… if you DARE!

  2. I may need to go the whole hog and watch JEDI for the full defrag of my mental hardware

  3. Oh my god, it's even worse than I thought. Somehow I was picturing a shall we say, more robust and rotund person that wouldn't interfere with my memories…oh man.

  4. There was a reason that I didn't post a photo… let future readers of this post BEWARE!

  5. Your sketches are great, but that link…Yikes!

  6. The Bearded Princess is a very brave (and subversive) fellow.

  7. That Bearded Princess Leia is just soooo wrong! people shouldn't be messin' with our heads like that!

  8. I'm going to have to re-think the entire STAR WARS saga now that I've gazed upon the Bearded Princess. Thanks, buddy!

  9. someone must love the bearded princess

  10. I am sure that there is a chubby Girl (or boy?) Han Solo out there for him somewhere.

  11. HAWT.

  12. Killer art, JB, but where's the photo of Bearded Slave Leia? :)

  13. OK — now I wish I hadn't. *stares at Jamie's drawings*

  14. All is right with the world again.

  15. The text link leads to 'What dreams are made of…'

  16. Who shaved Chewbacca and put him in a bikini?

  17. These are great sketches by the way. They're helping ease my pain.

  18. I can see George Lucas as the bearded princess- dwarfs this guy!

  19. the breasted prince loves the bearded princess?

  20. John, that was a very funny comment (I LOL-ed so hard that the MAO thing went down) but Now I have to do a page of CHEWIE drawings to get THAT visual out of my mind….

  21. That Chewie's hell on razors.

  22. Where is this going? I'll tell you where it's going: Jar-Jara Binka, "Meesa HOT!"

  23. I wish I did not click the Bearded Leia link. I cannot unsee what has been seen.

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