Elephant Bulldozer

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Mar 252010

I have been going through old artwork looking for stuff to make PRINTS of for Wondercon next week. Not yet sure if this one will make the final cut (I already have TON of elephant prints) but thought it was worth posting here in my blog.

This pic was drawn to illustrate a story (about Elephants being used as bulldozers to clear shanty towns) from my dad’s Elephant Limerick Book.

  9 Responses to “Elephant Bulldozer”

  1. Are you serious? I'd buy a print of that!!!

  2. Many of the illustrations from that book are of GRIM subjects and I am not sure how many people want to have a pic of people being stomped by elephants.. or elephants being hard done by themselves.

  3. Include it. I like it too!

  4. I love your elephants prints!!

  5. WOW! Love it, Jamey!! U R GUD! Already knew that though.

  6. hi Jam..!

    I love your Elaphant prtints. But for sure this one is a bad Elephant.

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