Miss Jumbo Queen

 Posted by on February 5, 2006  Drawings, Updates
Feb 052006

This sketch illustrates a limerick about a beauty pageant for large ladies which is held each year in Thailand. The winner gets to be called Miss Jumbo Queen. No, really!

This contest was featured in a Thai comedy movie made in 2004.
UPDATE: The finished COLOUR piece is HERE.

  8 Responses to “Miss Jumbo Queen”

  1. Cool drawing!
    Are you going to be at Wondercon this year?


    • Yes, Amelia, I will be there at Wondercon; booth #812. My usual partner in crime, Mr. Rhode Montijo, will be out of town but a friend of his will be standing in for him and selling his stuff.

      See you there!(?)

  2. That’s a great sketch! Hilarious!

  3. Sweet drawing! See you at the Con Jamie.

  4. She’s so cute! Hilarious contest!

  5. what a fun character drawing!! Love the shadow!! Very clever idea!

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone. It was a fun break from drawing elephants to draw a human for once. I’m still trying to figure out what approach to take in colouring this one… digital or analog?

  7. I am alover of BBW…..love them and adore them so much more of everything../.love you BIG BEAUTIFUL GIRLS OUT THERE

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