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For the past few years I’ve been posting about the elusive comics/animation artist Tony Salmons, both in this here blog and also on forums devoted to drawing (such as the DRAWING BOARD FORUM. A lot of people I know feel that Tony should be a lot more famous than he is, but part of the reason that more people don’t know about him is that there hasn’t been any one place where you can track the guy down and see his work (or even send him work) as he moves around a lot from place to place, and from industry to industry. However that may be about to change, as the man finally has a site of his own where you can get all the Salmons you need in one hit. And if you still want more you’ll be able to contact the mysterious man himself for some commisssions. The site is still under construction, but the best part, the art galleries, are already there; a very tasty two of them hilariously labelled “babes” and “brutes.” If you are a fan of fearless pen and brush work then get your bad self over to the official Tony Salmons website right now and start clicking!

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