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Feb 012007

Almost a year ago I posted the sketch that formed the basis for this illustration. The book contains a limerick that references a beauty pageant held each year in Thailand for bigger ladies (to raise money for elephant conservation) known as the MISS JUMBO QUEEN PAGEANT.

The latest news about the ELEPHANT book is that it is finished being printed in China and is now being shipped to Australia for its April release down there. While I was busy finishing the illustrations on this book, my Father actually wrote a SECOND book (about a famous Australian racehorse called PHAR LAP) that will be released at around the same time by the same publisher. I hear that my Dad is already being lined up for radio interviews as part of a double-pronged PR blitz for the two books in Australia and New Zealand.

More news as it comes to hand!

  5 Responses to “Big News”

  1. Congrats to you and yer pops! You must be so proud.

  2. i can’t wait to see this book!

  3. Roque>>Yes, very proud. He is turning into a veritable media baron. Talks are already underway about a third book at the moment.

    Derek>>Me too!

  4. Congratz to you! (And your dad, too!)

    I’m really excited for ya, and to see that dang book in person!

  5. Beautiful work. Great.

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