WONDERCON: Rocket Rabbit #1

Rocket Rabbit
This is the opening splash-page from the 28 page PREVIEW-issue of Rocket Rabbit #1 that I was selling at Wondercon over the weekend. It is just but a taste of a 48 page book I’m hauling-arse to get finished by June so that I can inflict it on the customarilly otherwise preoccupied folks at comic-con…

As we had imagined, this years Wondercon proved to be better than last year, and most people agreed that having it in February was the main reason for the improvement. The increased attendance spoke for itself.

I had one unpleasant episode but that wasn’t comics related (a run in with an EX). All the comics stuff went well (or well for me anyway, who is usually hit with some kind of technical glitch at the 11th hour). The comedy highlight was on Sunday morning. Rhode and I got in early as exhibitors are allowed to do, and the security staff checking our passes were all in STORMTROOPER costumes. How cool is that?

Ronnie del Carmen has a nice Wondercon report in his blog, complete with some snapshots ‘n’ stuff. So go check it out. And speaking of Ronnie’s snaps, here is one he took of Rhode and I on Sunday. Thanks Ronnie!

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  1. Awesome page, Sir Baker! I had to muster all my power to not buy your preview during Wondercon and hold out for the big she-bang at San Diego!! Now if that’s not self-control, I don’t know what is…


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