Convention season 2005

I will be exhibiting at all the major comic conventions in California this year: Wondercon (February 18-20), APE (April 9-10) and COMIC-CON (July 13-17). In all three cases my partner in crime will be mr. Rhode Montijo, C.E.O. and C.F.O. of Abismo publishing.

I personally like the fact that Wondercon has moved to earlier in the year, as it puts 6 months of time between the two bigger conventions, and makes them less competitive with eachother. It seems like over the last few years the fact that Comic con was so soon after Wondercon meant that it sucked up some of the enthusiasm for the smaller convention. Exhibitors and attendees both seemed to be pooling their resources for Comic-con at the expense of poor old Wondercon. It went from being a really neat little convention to a shadow of its former self. I hope they keep them spaced this far apart and give Wondercon a chance to grow into something better. I dont think that APE will suffer for being closer to Comic Con on the schedule as it has clearly staked out a different niche for itself.

Having 3 seperate attainable deadlines for the first part of the year will hopefully be a help for my book production as well. Only time will tell on that score.

The Abismo/Nerve Bomb booth number for Wondercon is #203. See you there!

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