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Due to my special inside-track relationship with Tony Stacchi’s webmaster I have the hot tip of the week: There has been a BIG upload of new artwork onto Mr Stacchi’s website. The FOLIO section at now contains about twice as many pics as before.

Tony is one of the directors on the forthcoming CG cartoon called OPEN SEASON, which will be SONY’s first foray into the world of feature animation. If you want a laugh, and can’t wait (till september 2006) for the movie then check out this thread on a hunting forum where a bunch of hunters get upset about the “anti-hunting propaganda” that they thought they saw in the trailer for this cartoon.

2 thoughts on “Stacchi site update”

  1. Oh My Goodness!! Jamie Baker!
    Happy New Year dude.

    Well it’s a long story mate, I’ve
    been here with my family for about 2 years
    now and it’s bloody cold up here mate!

    I was working on the stupid Disney
    movie The Wild and left the show
    because I got sick of the bullshit that
    went on.. but now I’m working at a small post production place called Crush. Doing a mixed bag of animtion tasks.
    We have missed living in SF but we had to leave because my visa ran out and ILM were going to pull the plug on me so rather than goin back to Oz, we moved up here. I can re-apply for a new new now that I
    have been away for over a year.

    What are you working on these days?
    Yor Blog and Website are very inspiring mate keep up the great work! this Blog thing is the best thing it’s happened to artist’s
    for a long while.

    see ya later man!

    Hey thanks for including my Blog
    to your Links section I will do the same for you.


    Have a great year!

    Your buddy!! Chris


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