8 thoughts on “Elephants, elephants..”

  1. thanks you guys.

    monkeyfeather>> I have to acknowledge that I learned to draw elephants (and other animals too) when working with the mighty NICOLAS MARLET a few years ago. try as I might to come up with my own versions of elephants i keep seeing his influences in there…

    BKO>>Yes, my Dad has been waiting along time too, as he keeps reminding me!

  2. Ah, Nicolas Marlet. That guy is an unbelievable designer. I have only seen a few of his drawings, but they were amazing. I wish there were more out there to look and learn from.

    Don’t knock yourself, you design some darn appealing elephants.

  3. Nico is really one of the best I’ve ever seen. I learned a lot about drawing and design from just seeing his work and how he works. He has a unique approach to character design that doesn’t simply dredge up the standard references that most animation designers use (Milt Kahl, Mary Blair etc), and his designs always have an elegant quality that sometimes made me gasp. He is also a superb animator.

    You will hear a lot of appreciative comments about his work from other artists who have seen his modelsheets but sadly, there really isn’t a whole lot of his work in print or online. So if you’ve not worked with him there aren’t too many places you can see his stuff.

    It would be wonderful if he got himself a BLOG, like a lot of other animation artists have been doing lately. Let’s just wait and see….


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