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Rocket RabbitI’m done with a brief storyboarding assignment that had me working in the East Bay for a few months, and now I’m back downtown working at my studio, and you guessed it; the focus is ROCKET RABBIT comics. I know of about 10 people furiously banging away in their spare time (when not otherwise working their tails off at a certain East Bay animation studio) preparing comics for the convention in San Diego this July. Some of them have never done comics before, but from what I’ve seen the work will be jaw-dropping nonetheless. There is at least one thick anthology, one thick graphic novel and another 48 page mini-epic being baked even as I type… I haven’t even gone to Comic-con yet and I already know a lot of what I’m buying!
Rocket Rabbit

3 thoughts on “Some thumbnail sketches”

  1. Great sketches, can’t wait to pick up some of your new stuff at SDCC. You’re being a real tease about the other individual’s work…


  2. Well, sorry to be vague, but check the Link to some more info about one of the books, which is being done by Mark Andrews. As to the others, some of the artists were being a bit secretive about what they are doing…. so I don’t want to be the one to give the game away… except to say that what I’ve seen of the artwork is pretty cool. Plus, I’m sure they will post art samples in online forums in May/June when the art is done…


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