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 Posted by on February 12, 2008  Conventions, Doodling, RIGHTY Drawings
Feb 122008

Here’s a tiny doodle done while riding on the train, with a little tone added in Photoshop.The 2008 comics-convention season is about to start with San Francisco’s Wondercon at the end of next week. The California cons will be more evenly spread out this year; Wondercon in February, Comic Con in July and APE has been moved to November. I prefer this new spread, rather than having all the California Cons in the first half of the year, which meant that I wasn’t able to prepare something for each of the shows.

I am hoping to get a down-and-dirty mini comic ready for Wondercon (though it will have to be very loose and scratchy) and with the new date spread, I may even be able to make something new for each of the California cons this year…

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  1. Can’t wait to see new stuff from you Jamie!

    • Ted>> yeah me too… I can’t wait. HAH! So far it has not been going too well, though… I hit my typical problem of coming up with a ton of variations rather than one solid thing. This one may not be ready in time for Wondercon but hopefully I’ll have TWO for San Diego… we shall see…

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