Same Difference

I recently attended a zine festival here in San Fransisco and picked up a copy of a book called SAME DIFFERENCE and other stories by Derek Kirk Kim. It is the best comic I have read in quite a while and I recommend that you check out his site, which is where all his strips have been published first.

Also on the subject of comics, see another addition to the links page the Isotope Lounge which is San Francisco’s Best Comics store.

While promoting my book I went around to all the stores that I could find in the Bay Area, one by one. So I feel qualified to call out the Isotope as hands-down the best store around. It is not only a great bookstore with a wide range of material, but it is also a fun place to hang out. And even if you arent local, they have a lively forum as part of their website so jump in there and geek out.

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