Elephants on the JOB

The title page for a chapter that deals with stories and limericks about elephants at work.

In other News, for those of you who live in Australia, ALL my self published books are now available from IMPACT COMICS in Canberra. Also, BUD PLANT has discounted my Rocket Rabbit book at his site. You can buy them from him even cheaper than you can from me.

12 thoughts on “Elephants on the JOB”

  1. I thought the “coyotes” piece was the best! Now I have to change my vote to this one! WOW!! This is awesome!!! I love these Jamie.

  2. Thanks, everyone! Some of the illustrations in this book will be quite different from the ones I’m doing now because there are a few pics that I did YEARS ago… Hopefully the variety of styles wont be off puting…

    bko>>I’m glad that you like those new ones. I have a bunch more to scan and post in the next week or two, so stay tuned. Hopefully you’ll like some of the ones yet to come as well!

  3. Hey Jamie – Thanks for the visit – Now you know what I’ve been up to in my spare time. I hope to show you most of it at this years Comic Con. The illustrations are lovely! I’ll visit again!


  4. i love the individuality of your pachyderms! great stuff overall. i do have a personal interest in elephants myself. exotic, intelligent, wonderful creatures.

  5. Dave Pryor>> See you at Comic Con!
    Oliver>> Thank you I am glad that you like the elephants, especially if you have an affinity for them.
    CW>> Elephants have always been a favourite of my Dad, so I am simply following his lead.

  6. Yes, very agreeable line. And how fellow said, expression is very suggestive. We know what this Elephant is thinking.


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