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For the first two years I had my website (2001-2003) I would write this NEWS page directly in HTML and consequently didn’t post all that often as coding punishes my tiny mind. In August 2003 I discovered Blogger and used that for publishing my NEWS page for the past few years. I enjoyed the ease of posting and consequently posted more often, on average once a week as opposed to once a month as was the case before. I also got a kick out of the Blogger commenting feature. I believe that Blogger provides a fantastic service for people who do NOT have their own hosting plans; free image hosting and ease of use. It really is a fantastic way for most people to get a toehold in the WWW as can be seen by the explosion of artist blogs in the past year.

But I recently decided that I liked the expanded options provided by using the open source WordPress system. Because I have posts going back to 2001 my archive is HUGE. The searchable database, and the option of organizing posts in CATEGORIES was part of the appeal for me (You can try those options now from the MENU to the left) and it is a chance for me to slowly learn about PHP. Plus, I like having ALL the files hosted on my own server.

I have tried to keep the layout and page addressing the same during the change to prevent broken links. But the FEED for this page will now be at this address:

3 thoughts on “Move to WordPress”

  1. Yeah, WordPress is superb. Impresses the chicks while saving the Galacticum.

    I used it until I outgrew it for Joomla. (As I just needed more pages that were outside of the scope of a blog.)

    However, Joomla lacks the blogging finesse that WordPress has.

    So… bravo.


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