Border Sneak


This one illustrates a limerick (based on the true story) of a Mexico City circus owner who hired some “coyotes” to sneak an elephant across the border into Mexico. The circus owner bought “Benny” from a zoo in the USA, became frustrated with the delays and paperwork involved in importing an elephant, and decided to take steps to expedite the process.

11 thoughts on “Border Sneak”

  1. roque>> I am not sure if it will be officially distributed in the USA. The publisher is based in New Zealand and while they are hoping to get it distributed over here, it can be a tough market to crack into for a small publisher…


    I made sure (in the contract) that I can sell some copies myself (which isn’t always allowed) so if you can’t find it on Amazon there is always Jamizon…

  2. Thanks a lot everyone. I think that I may colour this one digitally so that I can preserve the linework which I like.

    The only bummer about this elephant book is that completing it on schedule may prevent me from doing a new comic this year so I may be going empty handed to comic-con…

    ..and the elephant book wont be ready until NEXT year…


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