Dr Sketchy’s

Last night, Julia and I attended a life-drawing sketch session at San Francisco’s branch of the famous Dr Sketchy’s anti-ArtSchool, held at the 111 Minna Gallery. It was a lot of fun.

My understanding is that the models are always dressed and posed to a theme and this time it was “burlesque clowns”. Three 20 minute poses and one 40 minute pose.

After several hours of drawing a sexy clown, we went with Julia’s friends Nadine and Lisa (who had also been at Dr Sketchy’s) to Meet my pal Bosco at HENRY’s HUNAN, where we all enjoyed a tasty dinner and several hours of pleasant conversation. “Bizarro sketch night”

12 thoughts on “Dr Sketchy’s”

  1. Your drawings are great! you captured her spirit well. my favorite is the bottom left drawing. nice!

    it was a good time – I’d like to go to a few more of these.

    • Thanks. I think my faves are the top right or the bottom left. And I think a large part of what I like is simply her pose in each. And yeah, let’s posse-up for the ROAD WARRIOR night!

  2. James (and all other SF area drawers)–I like Sketchy’s a lot, and used to attend the LA one regularly when I resided there (and thank goodness there’s one near where I dwell now, in Cincy!). But the best drink and draw show ever is put on by the Gallery Girls. They are primarily a LA phenomenon, but occasionally do shows in SF, every couple months. In fact, they just had one last Saturday (They also put on an event at Comic Con each year–this year they did it at Tr!ckster.) They are great! Here is a recent write up on them (and Sketchy’s, etc.): And here is their fb: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gallery-Girls/347917522251

    • Russell, I only just heard about GALLERY GIRLS. And you are right; they were doing a show later the same night as the DR SKETCHY’s I attended. In fact, many of the people who we drew with (including the Dr Sketchy’s organisers) were heading over to the GG thing. We might have gone too, for back-to-back, all-night sketching, but we were HUNGRY an went to dinner instead. So yeah, I will try that one next.

  3. Jamie, these are beautiful and I especially love the bottom left. You caught a bit of her Mae West attitude (if Mae West were a burlesque clown!). Lovely observation. It was great to meet you and chat it up over dinner. I’m down for Road Warrior night next month!


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