ComicCon: Booth 1229

We have our BOOTH assignment and it turns out that Rhode and I will be pretty much in the center of the action.

Headquarters for the ABISMO/NERVE BOMB media assault is booth #1229.

The booth right next to ours will be the base of operations for the mighty SAM HITI (creator of last years indy hit Tiempos Finales) and his pal Doug Tennapel (creator of Gear, Creature Tech, and a whole bunch of other coolness).

The map also shows the location of various other artists from the DRAWING BOARD community, including my buddies Ronnie and Enrico and the super talented lads from E-VILLE press.

3 thoughts on “ComicCon: Booth 1229”

  1. Jamie! How are you doing, you old son?! Keeping away from us caged birds of the Pixar aviary? How is life outside? Congratulations on the new book. Trade?

    I’ll watch out for youse guys on Preview Night. Enrico and I are driving down Tuesday. Give us a ring, ‘kay? Send me email at the Park Avenue address and we’ll trade, er, digits, as the kids might say.


    • “Keeping away”? toiling away is the truth of it… I was under the gun, down to the wire, burning the candle at both ends… and all at the same time… Now I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been making!

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