Rocket Rabbit, UPDATED splash page

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Jul 082005

Here is one of the splash pages from the 40 page ROCKET RABBIT #1 book I will be hawking in San Diego:

Rocket Rabbit

I posted an earlier version (only the tones and dialogue are different) here.

  4 Responses to “Rocket Rabbit, UPDATED splash page”

  1. Jamie

    your stuff rocks mate!! v cool

    I especially love the professor
    you’ve totally nailed some kind of
    period glamour thing


  2. brave_sir_robin>> the main inspiration for her was your countywoman Diana Rigg. I was SO smitten with EMMA PEEL as a child that I wrote her a letter asking her to put her show on at an earlier hour, before my bedtime… but I don’t think my grandma actually sent it..

    roque>> isn’t that cool?!

  3. I can see some Emma Peel in there for sure. Well played Mr. Baker… well played.

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