Comic Con: Booth #1329

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Jun 012007

San Diego’s Comic Con is coming up, and thinking of Comic Con reminds me of booth-gals posing in the most difficult-to-wear costume of all time:

The gomer-showdown begins in less than 8 weeks, so I still have some time to prepare new stuff, most likely prints, sketches and maybe a mini-comic. Abismo/Nerve Bomb will be exhibiting in the same great spot as we had last year; BOOTH #1329.

Hope to see you all there!

  3 Responses to “Comic Con: Booth #1329”

  1. Yes! Nerd Prom ’07!!!! Booth girls… giving gomers a false sense of hope everywhere.

    Go mini-comic go!!!

  2. Best Vampirella ever!

  3. John>>Nerd Prom or Geek Olympics? You decide…

    Michael>> Thanks. Best post-comment ever!

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