Some More Pinups

One of the fun things about making my own self-published comic books has been the chance to see OTHER people draw my characters. I’ve put out more pages of Rocket Rabbit comics than anything else but the character of mine that gets the most attention from other artists is SEPHI (AKA Squid Girl or Nauti … Read more

Yet Another Pinup

I just got this super new SEPHI pinup today from mr BENTON JEW who, apart from being a storyboarder on lots of live-action movies, also does comics. He was the Editor of the Babes in Space anthology, that Nauti Girl appeared in last year.He also contributed a story called “Silent Swordsman” to the Komikwerks “Thrills … Read more

Sam Hiti sketch

Exhibiting at comic conventions I’ve made friends who I only get to see at a convention, and who I keep in touch with via email for the rest of the year. I made one such pal last year when I (and Rhode) shared a booth with SAM HITI, a mighty talented fellow from Minnesota, and … Read more