Some More Pinups

One of the fun things about making my own self-published comic books has been the chance to see OTHER people draw my characters. I’ve put out more pages of Rocket Rabbit comics than anything else but the character of mine that gets the most attention from other artists is SEPHI (AKA Squid Girl or Nauti Girl) and here are two more super new pinups of her. The action pic on the left is by MonkeyFeather (secret identity: John Hoffman) and the relaxed pic on the right is by Atomic Terrier (alter ego: Josh Hughes).

Click on each picture for a closer view, and please check out both John and Josh‘s websites (by clicking on their names) for more great artwork.

Seeing these lovely Sephi Pinups has really inspired me to do some more comics with this character. In fact, I have had a few stories roughed out for some time and I just need to knuckle down and clean them up for next year.

To see ALL the pinups of my characters by other artists, (including these) go HERE.

2 thoughts on “Some More Pinups”

  1. You need to do a Nauti Girl book and gallery exhibition!

    Sephi is such an appealing character, artists just naturally want to give their interpretation.

    These two new ones are really awesome additions.

    BTW, It would be nice if the two unnamed artists in the Sephi gallery would step forward and be counted! Beautiful work!


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