Pin-up of POWER!

Rocket RabbitBold Brian Kalin-O’Connell has recently wrought a powerful picture of Rocket Rabbit dodging disaster; a snarling, super-sized simian! I’ve already had the pleasure of seeing a few people do pin-ups of NAUTI GIRL (which you can see in my COMICS section under the “Pinup gallery” link) but not too many people (apart from my nephews) have had a crack at drawing Rocket. Perhaps Brian will inspire a few more?

To behold the full-size majesty of this super pin-up, get on over to Brian’s Blog and click on the small sized preview he has posted there. And while you are over there, don’t forget to look around and see more of Brian’s artwork.

6 thoughts on “Pin-up of POWER!”

  1. My eyes bled upon witnessing the awesomeness of Brian’s majestic pin-up. He probably did it in 10 minutes too. Too good that guy…this piece will become legend.

  2. Verilly!
    The power of this piece cannot be denied. Eye-bleeding can only be avoided by beholding this pinup through welders googles or, in a pinch, squinted eyes.

    But be warned; If you plan to stare at it for a long time, I recommend that you plant your feet squarely and tense your neck-muscles, lest it blow you backwards with its cumulative force.

  3. oh yes the mighty bko has blessed jamie with mighty ape and rabbit pinup.

    he has dealt a mighty blow that will shake gomerverse for a long time to come.


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