Behold: The Swag!

Yet another Maverix Studios art-auction fund-raiser has come and gone and I think this may have been one of their best yet. I certainly had a very good time. You can see here the 5 pieces that I won in the bidding (From top to bottom: Ted Mathot, Ronnie Del Carmen, Mike Murnane, Louis Gonzales, and Bill Presing). I am VERY happy to own each of these, and I certainly wasn’t the only person grinning from ear to ear while clutching recently acquired artwork, at the end of the night.

Despite being on the same day as the famous Bay To Breakers Marathon, the auction was well attended, and there were a great number of quality art donations, which inspired some pretty heated bidding over certain pieces. I have no idea of the amount of money raised (they were still adding it all up when I left) but I predict that it may have been one of the more financially successful Auctions that Maverix has yet held.

Most of the artwork was sold to whoever had written the highest bid on the bid-sheets beneath each piece. However, a few hot-properties were selected for the BIG BID-BATTLE SHOWDOWN at the end of the event; a live auction hilariously adjudicated by Auctioneer extraordinare, the mighty Mike Murnane. Being a natural born button-pusher well qualified Mike for the task of needling a few extra dollars out of bidders who had their sights set on the most contested pieces, which in this case were by Rhode Montijo, Patrick Awa, Tadahiro Uesugi and Steve Purcell.

But these shows aren’t only about the artwork and the fundraising, they are also for having fun, socialising and meeting new people. This time I got to meet someone who I had only known before as his avatar in online forums and through his blog; mr John Hoffman (AKA MonkeyFeather). He had done one of the art pieces that I had targeted, but in that case I was out-gunned by some other lucky bidder.

To make a great night even better, someone suggested going to Mitchell’s Ice Cream in the Mission District. Their tasty, exotically flavoured ice cream is made on the premises and they are open till 11pm. Despite it being a chilly Sunday night, plenty of other people had the same idea, and there was a line out the door (you should see the line at Mitchell’s on a HOT day). I have a pathological dread of waiting in line, but I will make an exception for Mitchell’s, only because Mexican Chocolate ice cream served in a chocolate-dipped, nut-encrusted waffle-cone is just such a civilized way to end the day.

12 thoughts on “Behold: The Swag!”

  1. Roque>> That is a good question. In fact I have never been able to keep track of who gets my stuff at these auctions because at the end of the night I am focusing on the stuff that I won.

    Here’s what I do know from watching the BID-BATTLE: The Tadahiro Uesugi watercolour went to Ronnie Del Carmen. The SWEET Rhode Montijo B/W piece went to Ted Mathot and the awesome Patrick Awa watercolour went to Derek Thompson.

  2. Oh MItchell’s… if I close my eyes, I can still taste the chocolate caramel crackle. My initial reaction was, “Who the hell waits in line for ice cream!?” but, now I know, and it was a lot more people than I thought. That said, I’d do it again.

    I wonder if I ask for the “UnAmerican” they’ll know what I want?

    On another note, my official vote is for some sort of humourous autobigraphical mini. Just my two cents.

    Good finally getting to officially meet!

  3. John>> thanks for the encouragement about the MINI COMIC. I am going to spend a day or two this week figuring out what, among the stuff I have half-scribbled already, could be finished in time for comic-con.

  4. Jamie-

    i got your sweet Sephilina piece, and a rather aquatic looking Enrico Casarosa girl that no one challenged me for…. strange. I also got a tasty little Scott Morse Southpaw painting for Nina, and the AWA. It was hung today at home, bathed in a beautiful sunset light…

    i feel quite satisfied with the outcome of the auction, which, including the SketchCrawl sponsors and Raffle sales, totalled $10,350 or so…



  5. Derek>> Thanks for telling me that you got SEPHI. She didn’t attract many bids I fear, but nice to know that she will be well looked after by your good self.

    Please don’t put her too close to the MIGHTY AWA piece or Sephi might get burned by the cosmic rays emanating from within…

  6. Derek>>YES, Ted speaks much truth; if it is getting direct sunlight, you better get some UV protection for the AWA piece. The solar radiation could agitate the POWER of that picture, and spark a Cosmic explosion.

    This is a common problem with magical paintings rendered in Unicorn blood.

    BTW: Who got the PURCELL Mermaid pic?

  7. yikes! i’ll double check with patrick to see if he got UV for the piece…

    musn’t agitate the Unicorn Blood!

    …oh yeah, i think Purcell’s mermaid went to Anthony Hon…

  8. Derek>>I checked with the frame store this morning, they said it was covered with epoxy glass which should provide 80% UV cut. However direct sunlight still may cause some fade…


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