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I will be making some GICLEE (which I think is French for “ink-Jet”) prints of the illustrations in the Elephant book to sell at Comic Con. It is a good excuse for me to buy a nice printer, which I have been meaning to do for some time.

There are 60 or so illustrations in the book, including those that are just wallpaper for the text to lay over, but there are maybe 10-15 contenders for prints. Some of the illustrations I was most happy with may not be the kind of picture that someone wants framed and hanging on their wall… People getting stomped and elephants getting shot at for example.

I am having a hard time picking which ones to make prints of… but maybe this elephant polo pic would be a good one? If any of you good people who bought the book have suggestions for illustrations you think might make nice prints, please let me know. For those of you who don’t have the book, you can see most of the pics online here.

And while I am in the market for advice, if anybody can steer me towards a good colour printer, or even give me hints on what features I should look, for then I am all ears.

3 thoughts on “Elephant Prints”

  1. I have an epson 7800 and it’s quite nice. (24 inches wide, prints from a roll and sheet feed.)

    The color quality and resolution are fantastic. The epson 3800 is just a smaller version of the 7800.

    I sort of wish that I’d went with the epson 3800, because I do 11×17 and 12×18 more often than large.

    Drop me a line if you want to know more.

    I’ll look through your book and make some suggestions later.


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