Another Maverix Fundraiser

Here is one of the pieces that I have been making this week for the latest art-auction being held by the good hearts at MAVERIX STUDIOS. The auction is this Sunday May 20th and I have two more pictures that I am trying to get ready before then.

Maverix Studios have held several such auctions before, and they have raised a lot of money for worthy causes, $47,000 was raised in 2005 alone. This time the proceeds will go to an organization called “EMERGENCY: Life support for civilian war victims”

Most of the art-donors are Bay Area animation-artists, cartoonists, visual-development designers and comic-book artists, so it is a pop-culture, low-brow scene. Not high falootin’ but very fun. Typically the art goes for bargain prices as we know people who can MAKE pictures but we don’t know many people with art-collector sized deep-pockets, so a lot of great original artwork goes for less than $100. The auction is done by sign-up sheets under each artwork so the bidding is not obnoxious, and it is possible to socialise and party during the bidding process.

SOME of the submissions are online in a gallery. After I looked at the marvelous artwork there, I almost threw away what I was painting for the show in a fit of shame and frustration, so I am not looking again until I am done… but if YOU see anything you might like, then come by… and BUY! This Sunday’s show starts early, 5PM with bidding closing at 7.30 PM, so don’t be “fashionably late”.

Maybe see you there?

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  1. John>> I will be at the Auction. In fact I was at Maverix last night to help a little with the hanging and there are some really great pics coming in. Everywhere I looked I saw stuff to inspire. Yours looks super.


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