James Baker

Raised in Australia, James Baker is a pencil-jockey who's worked in the animation industry since 1982. He has worked at studios all over the world, and now makes his home in San Francisco. This blog is a place for him to explore personal projects in both writing and drawing.

WALL-E: VisDev

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Nov 262016
WALL-E: VisDev

This is some visual development for WALL-E drawn back in early 2005 while I worked under the great production designer RALPH EGGLESTON in the Pixar ART department, before working in the story department on the same project. In its very earliest incarnation, WALL-E started as an idea developed by PETE DOCTER, but when it went into production the director was [READ MORE…]

The Year Of The Rabbit

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Oct 182016
The Year Of The Rabbit

Since 2001 or so, I’ve occasionally published silly comics about ROCKET & PROFESSOR, but I’ve doodled the characters even longer than that. The few comics I’ve actually completed belie the fact that I’m always drawing the characters, and thumbnailing & planning stories. Real life sometimes got in the way of following through, but lately I’ve been trying to assemble a [READ MORE…]

Aug 052016
Pear Cider & Cigarettes

I’ve worked in many studios, but will always have a special fondness for MAVERIX STUDIOS, the place where I first created my own ideas, rather than merely being a cog in someone else’s machine. All other members of the Maverix collective explored their own creative visions too and it was constantly chaotic, nutty & fun, as such stimulating places often are. Studio founder Robert Valley has recently [READ MORE…]

Animation Teaching

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May 192016
Animation Teaching

For the past few months I’ve been teaching 3 seperate classes in 2D hand drawn animation at Academy of Art in San Francisco, filling in for faculty teacher Daisy Church while she was out on maternity leave. Here is a photo of my final class, which was held just this morning; Traditional Animation 3 . (Sadly I did not think [READ MORE…]

Mar 012016
More Academy of Sciences sketches

A few weeks ago, Julia and I went back to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, for another free day of relaxing and sketching. On our previous visit, I sat in the mezzanine (and sketching a dodo bird) and this time I visited that exact same place, but sketched instead a view of the T-REX skeleton in [READ MORE…]

Jan 252016
Seattle 2015

In the final days of 2015, we flew to Washington State to celebrate Julia’s birthday (which is also known as New Year’s Eve in the rest of the world). Although it was quite chilly in Washington (by Californian standards anyway) we were blessed with some beautiful sunny weather, and Julia and I both did a little sketching near the Winslow [READ MORE…]


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Jan 032016

In summer of 2015, Julia and I went to Chicago to visit her family and enjoy that great city. We both did a lot of sketching on that trip, but I only just scanned mine recently and here they are. Julia’s Sister and Brother in Law were attending an out of town wedding and we volunteered to hang with their two [READ MORE…]

80 @ 51

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Jan 022016
80 @ 51

Jan 2, 2016 8:10pm– When I was 48, I turned 96 years old. From someone who ran on a treadmill a few times a week and regularly walked miles across town, I became a doddering and feeble geezer overnight. Paralysed, confused and unbalanced, I struggled with the simplest of tasks, both mental and physical. Three years of exercise and physical [READ MORE…]

the Baton of Kindness

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Dec 262015
the Baton of Kindness

December 26th, is the anniversary of my life being turned upside down. 3 years ago, at around this time of day, my mind and body both began to fail after an artery in my head ruptured, leaking blood into my brain and wreaking damage on my head-equipment that I deal with to this day. For the past few years, BOXING [READ MORE…]