A Pin-up Book(?)

For quite some time I’ve wanted to do a PIN-UP book full of heroines; characters that I like, from TV shows, comics or movies. Once, when I was about to get into that idea in earnest, I saw the just recently released BELLE du JOUR by Bill Presing (not to mention his follow-up BOOK PLATE BETTIES) and suddenly, I lost steam on the idea… not just because BILL is one of those despiring (depressingly inspiring) artists who make you want to break all of your pencils, one by one… but also because I realised that it would be hard to bring anything new to a book of cheesecake; there are hundreds of them already out there, and until I can think of something ELSE to bring to the idea it remains on my (now very crowded) back-burner.

Pondering that weighty issue doesn’t stop the doodles accruing in my doodle book, such as this page of of POWERGIRL scribbles.

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  1. By the way, does anyone know what the LEGAL issues are with such a book? I see people doing PIN-UPS of other people's intellectual property at cons all the time, both as original art and in SKETCHBOOKS, But i never really understood how that is legal. I would hate to spend all the time and effort on something like this and then get hammered by a corporation.

    • There are two things. 1. Most books like that i.e con sketchbooks etc. have a small statement in the front of the book that states, "all characters copyright their respective creators" or, "Power Girl, Catwoman are copyright DC Comics." etc.This seems to be fine.2.There is also something in copyright law known as "FAIR USE." I believe that is more for education, journalism, criticism etc. but, I have heard creators using it so that they can use some of their for hire work in a personal art book. It seems to be calculated by a percentage of the copyrighted work that is in the book. (You can read more about the general Fair Use Copyright Doctrine). I am not a lawyer, so I actually have no idea what I'm talking about.

  2. If you do one, I'll do one! I think it was Petrocchi who suggested I do a male version of a pin up book. "Donuts n' Beerguts"? It'd be fun to do, but I'm afraid I'd have the loneliest table at the GomerCon.

  3. Marvel and DC will take a blind's eye in comic con sketchbooks…I'm sure of it!… I think…hee hee.But do it, Jamie! I'd buy it! 😀

  4. So far one of the best Powergirl renditions I’ve ever seen. I would love to see this in color and in a more action packed pose.


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