Apr 182010

For quite some time I’ve wanted to do a PIN-UP book full of heroines; characters that I like, from TV shows, comics or movies. Once, when I was about to get into that idea in earnest, I saw the just recently released BELLE du JOUR by Bill Presing (not to mention his follow-up BOOK PLATE BETTIES) and suddenly, I lost steam on the idea… not just because BILL is one of those despiring (depressingly inspiring) artists who make you want to break all of your pencils, one by one… but also because I realised that it would be hard to bring anything new to a book of cheesecake; there are hundreds of them already out there, and until I can think of something ELSE to bring to the idea it remains on my (now very crowded) back-burner.

Pondering that weighty issue doesn’t stop the doodles accruing in my doodle book, such as this page of of POWERGIRL scribbles.

May 122009

Last weekend was beautifully sunny here in Portland, so I went on several long walks throughout the city. I tried doing some sketches of the scenery but none that came out very well. Several half-started scribbles is all. Perhaps they can be made into something decent if I revisit those particular spots again for a follow up session or two… My attempts to draw outside are thwarted by the weather here in Portland; either it starts to rain or it is too beautiful to want to sit still. Anyway, here is a pencil doodle of POWERGIRL that I did in the evening, with some slapdash Photoshop colour added afterward. I may tidy it up a bit later but this is all I have right now.

Jul 262007

I am posting from my hotel here in sunny San Diego.

We got down here a day early, on Tuesday, to set up our booth with a minimum of fuss. Last Night was PREVIEW NIGHT here at Comic Con and it went very well for us.

In addition to all the left overs from previous years, I have the NEW mini-comic, entitled JOCK, the prints made on my tasty new EPSON printer and my Dad’s ELEPHANT book to sell.

I wont likely post again until COMIC CON 2007 is done and I can give a full report of all the craziness.

Talk to you all next week!

Aug 062006

Here are some of the sketches I did while sitting at the Abismo/NerveBomb booth at last months Comic Con. Drawing famous heroes is a first for me, and I had quite a bit of fun doing it. I’ll post some more when I get time.

Speaking of Comic-Con, I was only recently able to get my hands on the stuff I purchased down there, my stash was packed up in some boxes that I couldn’t get to for a week or two, but now I am spending the evenings reading through all the stuff I bought…

The daylight hours are spent drawing elephants, and I still have quite a few to go. I’ll post some of those too, as they get finished in the next week or two. My Dad, (the author of the book), is in the USA for a visit, and we will visit some Civil War sites in Virginia and Maryland later this month, along with my brother Joey who lives out that way.

After that quick break, I will be back to drawing and colouring elephant illustrations… and hopefully I will have finished all of them by the end of September.

UPDATE: I posted some more Super-Heroine scribbles: