A busy Weekend

This is the pencil sketch for a PINUP I’m doing for my pal Nate Stanton, one of the lads from E-Ville press. AFTERWORKS 2, the second E-Ville Press anthology, will be published later this year by Image comics, and in colour this time. Which means that I have to colour the pic this weekend… And what a full weekend it promises to be… Rhode Montijo‘s Cloud Boy book launch (food cooked by Rhode’s Mum!) will be on Saturday at Galleria de la Raza. Mary Patterson’s art show Days of Wine and Chickens opens Saturday evening in Petaluma, for those of you who live in the North Bay. The 9th Sketchcrawl is this Saturday, starting on Filmore Street, which is within striking range of… The Cherry Blossom Festival, my favourite street fair in San Francisco. The grand parade (the highlight of the 2-weekend festival) is on Sunday. I hope I can get at least some of these things done by Monday!

Here is the (more or less) finished piece, done in coloured pencil on Canson paper… Not only did I have a busy weekend, it looks like these boys clearly had some hectic times as well:

Another drawing of Charles & Edgar up to no good can be found HERE:

39 thoughts on “A busy Weekend”

  1. What the…..? HAHAHAHA! Jamie how do you do it?? That look on the frogs face is priceless. I’ve seen that look a few times on friends. AWESOME!!!

  2. Nice, nice job Jamie. I really like all of the character’s expressions.

    Any chance that you could ever put up any of your unused/finished storyboards, so we could see what kind of thing you do most of the time?

    (When you’re less busy.)

  3. Daniel>> I did have a storyboard section at one point but I took it down. Maybe I will put it back up… Most of the storyboards I do are “sensitive material” (sensitive in the security sense) so it can be tough to know what I can and cannot show… so I took it ALL down. But HERE is something you CAN look at.

    BK’ON>>Thanks. I just saw an extremely beautiful AFTERWORKS comics submission by the very talented Jennifer Chang, all done in delicate watercolour. It made me feel very classy that my contribution is a vomiting frog.

  4. Yeah, I understand about the storyboards, but the Rocket Rabbit is enough to get a good idea of how you do what you do.

    It was fun to follow that little battle between the robo and RR. (Made me chuckle)

    Thank you for sharing, Sir!

  5. Tony and Alan>> Thanks, you guys. I tried to give these boys some attitude; they are cute but CRAY-AY-ZEE. Which is how they come across in Nate’s comic.

    Daniel>> I just remembered another little storyboard sequence you can look at, HERE.

    Sam>> Are you Nuts? that pinup you did was SUPER and I know that Nate was very very happy with it.

  6. are you going to tell us what the sam hill is going on in the pin up? i think i’ve woke up in that situation a few times.

    yes, even with a giant rabbit and hurling frog.

    jamie- how was the cherry blossom festival? did you watch the mini car race?

    • I think you answered your own question, Aaron. What is “going on in the pinup” is that these boys are recovering from a night on the town with Mr. Aaron Blecha.

      Sadly, I missed the C.B.F. because I was workin’…

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