Elephant trophy

Here’s a VERY preliminary tone-pass of an illustration for the bizarre story of an elephant that trampled a poor fellow and then kept the corpse, carrying it around for days…

In collecting elephant news stories, I’ve noticed that many of them are grim. Mostly for the elephants; stories about poaching, or loss of habitat, etc. But sometimes grim for the humans who live with them…

UPDATE: The colour piece based on this line art can be seen HERE.

3 thoughts on “Elephant trophy”

  1. Nice Jamie!

    The story is an elephant version of “Weekend at Bernie’s”.

    I’d like to see a elephant BBQ, bar or something with that elephant dragging a corpse around everywhere he goes- much to the disgust of the other ‘phants.

  2. Heh, I like it.

    I’ve heard that there are some elephants that have vicious anger management problems – if they get fed up with a human they’ll pick them up and smack them, headfirst, into the ground. Sometimes you don’t realize exactly how powerful a three-ton prehensile-appendaged animal is in relation to you…

  3. Aaron>> Yeah, I downplayed the grisly aspects of the scene. But the pic actually does work well with the accompanying limerick.

    Emma>> It’s true that we often forget how powerful animals can be. I saw some very memorable footage (on the “When animals attack” TV show) of a “cute” little deer absolutely beating the crap out of some poor guy in a national park.


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