Charles & Edgar

A few years ago I posted my Pin-up of Charles and Edgar, two outrageous characters created by my pal nate Stanton and featured in his contribution to the Afterworks 2 Anthology. This composition here was one of the other ideas I had for that original pin-up and I tidied it up this week as a Birthday present, which I will give him in person, later today.

Happy Birthday, Nate!

12 thoughts on “Charles & Edgar”

  1. Thanks lads, I am glad that you like this pic. I did a ton of thumbnails for the Afterworks pin up and this one was actually close to being my favourite but I opted for the other composition because it showed Charles & Edgar clearly, whereas they are pretty much covered up in this one.

    Anyway, when I found the rough sketch for this in a file folder last week, I knew it would make a nice gift for Nate if I tidied it up a bit. Maybe I will finish it off in colour someday.


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