Princess Leia

 Posted by on April 16, 2011  Drawings, Pin Ups
Apr 162011

Aren’t you a little SHORT for a storm-trooper?

  4 Responses to “Princess Leia”

  1. back on to Princess Leia I see…

    • yeah, tough words from a girl with a Unicorn fetish.

      But yeah, I would LOVE to get “back onto” Princess Leia… yet she doesn’t even know that I’m alive… *SNIFF*

  2. Wanna draw her for real ? Next Dr Sketchys will have a Leia model and a burlesque Darth Vader !

    • Which of her many lovely outfits will the princess be wearing? ha ha! you have my attention, Mr Jones! Although the burlesque Darth Vader sounds a little off-puting, i must admit…

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