Han and Chewie

 Posted by on September 9, 2007  Conventions, Drawings, Pin ups
Sep 092007

I started drawing this silly doodle of those loveable STAR WARS rogues, HAN SOLO and his co-pilot CHEWBACCA the Wookie, while sitting at my booth at Comic-Con.

It made my pal Rhode laugh so much that I knew I would have to give this drawing to him when I finished it. Then I put it aside for a while and then forgot about it altogether, until I found it recently, tidied it up a bit and finally gave it to Rhode for his birthday.

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  11 Responses to “Han and Chewie”

  1. The force is strong in this one.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! OMG! That is awesome!!! In a funny way you made a wookie more wookie. This truly is an amazing piece!!!

  3. Great drawing!!! That is the most awesome Chewie I've ever seen.

  4. YEAHHH!!!!!!!!

    Jamie Baker + Star Wars = More exclamation marks!!!!!

  5. Alan>> Spoken with Jedi-like authority. Thanks, Alan.

    BKO>>Glad that you like it! It made me laugh too. I think it is the intensity of Chewie's glare. I tried to get the Han SMIRK in there too.

    Ted>> Wow, thanks, Ted. that is a pretty amazing compliment. Chewie is one of my favourite Star Wars characters (I was one of those kids who was BUMMED when he didn't get a medal for his part in blowing up the DEATH STAR) So I am glad that you like my take on him.

    Roque>> You guessed it; I am an old Star Wars nerd from way back.

    Thanks again, everyone. Maybe I need to draw more Star Wars pin-ups… Someday I should draw Chewie unloading a wild Wookie beat-down on some storm-troopers, another thing I was disappointed not to see in any of the 6 Star Wars movies. I hope to get around to drawing my take on Slave Leia one of these days as well…

  6. Oddly enough, during a meeting today, I was just referencing that sad fact that Chewie didn't get a medal. Cool drawing!

  7. Love Chewie's lip! Best pic ever of the furry dude.

  8. Steve>> I'm glad that you noticed that injustice too. Thanks for commenting!

    Mike>> Thanks!

  9. This drawing is amazing. You should draw more Chewie related thingies. Also, if you like Chewie, maybe check out my blog, (click on my name) Chewbacca Facts. They are like a parody of Chuck Norris Facts. If you wanted to maybe you could do a guest post thing or something. Great work!

  10. That's totally badass!

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