Ms. Monster

This is a pencil sketch and quick colour pass, for a pin-up of of my good friend, the frighteningly beautiful MS. MONSTER, in her sinister yet slinky NEW bone-suit costume.

If you’ve attended any comic conventions in California over the past few years you may have had a personal encounter with the un-dead beauty herself, or perhaps you’ve caught Ms. Monster’s cable access HEL on ICE TV show or read her comic books. If not, then you will have a chance to meet her when she co-hosts the upcoming SHOCK IT TO ME classic horror movie festival at San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre on the first weekend in October (also hosted by the equally charming, but markedly less beautiful, Dr Goulfinger). Until then, you can find out all you need to know about Ms. Monster at her website.

6 thoughts on “Ms. Monster”

  1. John>>Thanks, and I am glad that you liked CHEWIE as well.

    Benton>> Yes, I do seem to like the blue gals, eh? Although I suppose they are pretty common in fantasy land… they are either blue or green…

    Maybe I’ll split the diff and change SEPHI’s skin to aqua? Actually, I had always intended that she would change colour to reflect her mood (like squids actually do) though that isn’t clear yet in the comics because they have all been in B/W.


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