SF Sketches

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Aug 232015

Here are a few sketches done around San Francisco over the past few months. I've been spending a lot of time at the California Pacific Medical Centre's Castro Street branch lately, and on my way there and back I sometimes stop by the Market and Castro intersection to eat prior to riding the Muni-M line. Here are some left-handed sketches of the vintage streetcars.


As well as drawing the streetcar on 17th street near Castro (above) there's a place to watch the streetcars turn around at Market and Castro, and I sat there for an hour or so one afternoon, attempting to draw the action. I still have trouble balancing all my watercolours when outdoors (without my full drawing rig and chair) so the watercolour washes were added when I got home.


This next sketch was done when Julia and I went to the San Francisco Zoo to sketch a few months ago. It was hot, and all the animals were hiding from the sun, and many were deep in their enclosures and not visible at all, so it was a failure in terms of finding picturesque subjects to sketch, but I did manage to get a scribble of my Australian brothers lounging around in the shade.


Unlike the streetcars, which come to a complete stop and wait a while before starting a new run, the roos were either bounding about or, if they were at rest, they were way off at the back of their enclosure almost hidden in the shade, but I tried the best I could to capture a few lefty gestural scrawls of the distant critters. I still have a hard time drawing quickly, partly because of the dexterity required on site, but I'm getting better at it.


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Jul 082015

It's been a while since I've exhibited at COMIC-CON (in fact, my seller's permit was recently cancelled from lack of use) so I thought I might hold JAMIE-CON instead; an online convention for anyone unable to attend the San Diego convention in person, and I finally added all my comic books and just some of my prints to my Nerve Bomb Comics web store. [..READ MORE..]


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Jun 102015

INSIDE OUT is an unusual film for a big studio to make; it is very ambitious and abstract. I worked on the story team from 2010 to late 2012, and everyone was excited about the idea, but dramatising that idea was at times quite challenging. I finally saw the film at a crew Wrap Party screening last month, [..READ MORE..]

Jun 032015
Monterey: Trip Home

Driving up Highway #1 from our visit to Monterey Aquarium, Julia and I saw a beautiful spot and pulled over to see Pigeon Point Lighthouse. This picturesque scene was made even moreso by the sight of a grey whale and her calf swimming past the lighthouse at close quarters. We enjoyed the scenery so much that we decided [..READ MORE..]

May 142015
Monterey: The Bay

The first trip that Julia and I ever took together was to see the Seahorse exhibit at the Monterey Aquarium back in 2009. There have been many dramatic changes in our lives in the interim (leaving me quite the worse for wear) but happily, Julia and I are still together, Monterey is as pleasant a destination as ever, [..READ MORE..]


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Apr 132015

I've been pretty excited about my first paid professional art assignment as a left-handed artist. A few months ago, my good friend of many years, Carol Hughes, commissioned me to draw the cover for her latest book, OPERATION SNOWBALL, a fun adventure story based on the fictitious (or perhaps TRUE) adventures of her family dogs, PICKLE AND PEARL. It has been over two years since I've [..READ MORE..]

Mar 152015
TV SKETCHING: 2013/2014

Here’s a roundup of TV sketching done in 2013/2014 that I’ve not yet posted here in this blog. These sketches of PRIS from BLADE RUNNER, were among the earliest drawings I ever did with my left hand that I actually began to like. I’d avoided drawing for the better part of 2013, because my crude left-handed efforts would rock [..READ MORE..]

February Sketches

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Feb 282015
February Sketches

Here are some watercolor sketches done on location around San Francisco in this past month. The first was done in Union Square while Julia and I sat prior to our dinner reservation on Valentines day. It was gloriously warm and sunny, with many people out enjoying themselves, and I managed to get a scribbly sketch down, before the [..READ MORE..]