NERVE BOMB review on Silver Bullet

Posted: Tuesday, January 13
By: Darren Schroeder
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Creator: James S. Baker
Publisher: (Self Published)
Price: $3.50(US)

Our two heroes Rocket Rabbit and the Professor are a formidable crime fighting team, so the evil villains in the collective of Insanity are planning a few schemes to away with them.

Every page of this book is jammed packed with superhero silliness, from hilariously named villains and heroes to a gigantic robot granny decimating San Francisco. James has let his imagination go into hyper drive or drunk to much cough syrup, and even the most humourless reader is going to laugh while reading this book.

Plot wise things are fairly simple: villains talk, heroes see their boss and get assigned to fight the baddies. The action is meticulous and destructive but don’t worry, no blood is spilt. James illustrates it in a style that reminds me of early Mad magazine.

For anarchic wise cracking action heroes this is just what the world needs, and it’s pretty to boot.

In a Word: Tinkle!

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