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2003: Year in Review
Shaolin Soccer became everyone’s favourite movie at Maverix Studios and we continued to be obsessed with the Sould Caliber game right up until the lease ran out at the old studio on 9th street. The other Maverix decided to form an LLC partnership and moved into a much nicer new space on 17th street. I decided to go it alone for a variety of reasons.

Finding Nemo was released to great success, becoming Pixar’s biggest hit to date, and silencing the nay-sayers who had predicted a bomb. On a personal level, Nemo broke my long streak of working on either good projects that didn’t get released or crappy projects that DID get released.

This was a great year for spending time with my family. My sister Victoria’s wedding in Paris, attended by all the family members, was definitely a highlight considering that many of us had also met in Australia earlier in the year in Port MacQuarrie, a town where the family would spend holidays when we were kids.

Travel was big for me this year. Trips to Australia and Europe broke the travel-drought: I’ve been more sedentary of recent years.

My comic Nerve Bomb was picked up for distribution by Diamond Distributors

Low Points:
My comic gets VERY low orders and i started to discover some bad reviews here and there on line. Partly due to those factors knocking the wind out of my sails, and partly because of some personal stuff going on behind the scenes, I lost momentum on making new comics this year, although I did put out a couple of sketchbooks..

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