Here is a watercolour sketch of German Christmas ornaments seen at Julia’s parents’ house.

Her parents live on Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound, where we spent Julia’s birthday on a rainy New Year’s Eve, just last week. Each time we’ve visited beautiful Bainbridge I’ve always wanted to sketch, but the weather is often too cold and/or rainy to sit outside for long, hence choosing this cosy interior view instead.

Happy New Year everyone!

25 thoughts on “Ornaments”

  1. Very impressive sketches of the lovely Christmas ornaments James. Sorry I missed Julia’s birthday – please pass on our belated birthday wishes. Marg

  2. Dear Boy
    Thanks, as ever. While your hand and eye are still in Christmas Ornaments mode, you might think of posting your version of the Mexican nativity scene – also connected with Julia – that you leftied a while back in balmy Puerto Vaillarta. The pair could constitute an interesting study of your leftie development. Happy New Year, both. Love, Dad and Wendy

  3. Those are German smokers. They open up around the pants area where, inside, you place a small bit of incense. When the top part is back on, the smoke comes through the pipes of the smoker figures. When my dad and Susan lived there, we visited a small town nearby that made those.

  4. I love this little sketch as well and appreciate Julia’s explanation of German smokers! The link to your other Christmas holiday was lovely and an inspiration. You two are such a good artist couple, as besides your a-mazing professional work, the personal time drawings are maybe my favorites. Cheers for the New Year! Pam

  5. Jamie:
    Love the leftie gallery. The Nativity was magnificent by the way! The iguaca-guana was impressive too. P.S. I am now in possession of my own copy of “Elephants in the News.” It’s fun.

    Michael Webb


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