More Academy of Sciences sketches

A few weeks ago, Julia and I went back to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, for another free day of relaxing and sketching.


On our previous visit, I sat in the mezzanine (and sketching a dodo bird) and this time I visited that exact same place, but sketched instead a view of the T-REX skeleton in the lobby. It’s a quiet spot with chair & table where I could work undisturbed, and I was able to apply most of the watercolour on site. After a short break for lunch, we returned to that old fave sketch area, the diorama room. 


When the Academy closed we met our pals Bosco & Steve at nearby San Tung restaurant for their yummy signature dish of dry fried chicken for our dinner!

12 thoughts on “More Academy of Sciences sketches”

    • Yes Deane, we really enjoy our sketch outings together. It has been terrifying process to lose the ability to draw, but it has been interesting relearning at all so late in life

    • The free days are by ZIP Code and they come around every three months. Given that it was a “free” day, it’s remarkable how much money we actually spent there. When you factor in parking and lunch and so on; I think it was around $100 for the two of us.

    • Ah, yep – I remember. City fun adds up. Zip c is a good idea. We have free days to all locals on Sundays. It can get pretty manic in the nearby restaurants with huge groups of museum ladies.

  1. Dear Boy, your T Rex looks astonishingly like the one out of A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, and your lions look like close rellies (but in better nick!) of the ones Alex, Jo, Priscilla and I saw – and happily avoided close contact with – on the Masai Mara, Kenya, all those years ago. Well done. Tell Julia that I was able to follow my way to her splendidly-rendered Bongo. What a beauty. I also enjoyed her accompanying cats – especially the Cool Cat in the spiffily lairy shirt. Love to you both from me and Wendy, Dad


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