Happy Christmas!

 Posted by on December 25, 2001  Drawings
Dec 252001

I didn’t do a new card this year so here my Christmas postcard from last year (I’ve not posted it here before so hopefully that is OK!). I hope that you have a happy Christmas, Kwanza, Hanuka, Winter Solstice, Festivus or whichever celebration and whatever you like!

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  1. Love this guy! He’s JAMMIN!

  2. Ha Ha. Thanks, Vic. It was drawn during those pre-Dotcom crash years, when we at Maverix Studios were surrounded by South-of-Market hip-cats on those scooters .

  3. Oh man, that totally made me chortle out loud!

  4. That’s fuckin’ RAD!!

  5. I wanted to make this into our Christmas card this year but we ran out of time. NEXT YEAR! Its just too good!!!

  6. No, I think YOUR image was the right one to use this year. It is great!

  7. but this one is awesome!!!!

  8. Happy Holidays Jamie & Julia !

  9. Thanks, Nate! We hope to see you soon for a movie/beer-flight posse!

  10. Happy Holidays Nate!

  11. Hey Jamie, I totally remember those days! And really miss them. My soul still burns…

  12. Happy Christmas to you and the Ladies, Simey!

  13. Like the picture, I’m glad I “touched base” with you 32 years later. Keep writing and keep drawing you are very talented at both. Baci

  14. Thank you for the sweet little surprise in the mail. We’re very happy for your recovery.

  15. Thanks, Ikumi. I still have a very long way to go. But I’m giving it all I’ve got.

  16. Love it Jamie! Happy Christmas.

  17. Love the card Jamie didnt see it last year so its new to me…xo

  18. Super cool! Merry Holidays, Jamie!

  19. Are you still at the Washington St. Address? If so we’d love to send you our card!

  20. Hope next year is better than the last. Always remember, tho – you have friends…

  21. Happy Holidays to you also buddy!!! We all love you dearly!!! I know this is true.

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