2001: Year In review

2001: The Year in Review. Here are some personal perspectives on this past twelve months.

Highlight: Finally making a self-published comic. Lord knows why I waited so long. the 3 months that I spent at Maverix Studios pounding away on Nerve Bomb issue #zero was one of the most satisfying personal creative periods for me, ever. Bosco, Derek and I just knuckled down, during a dry spell in paid work, and really worked hard on some PERSONAL projects for a change, and the enthusiasm of each of us fed the other. The follow up, exhibiting them at the San Diego Comic Con and selling them and getting feedback from other artists, was truly satsfying. I got a special kick out of giving copies to some of my art heroes such as Mike Mignola.

Low Point: Obviously the September 11th attacks. Proving that a small group of individuals really can change the world… but sadly in this case they didn’t make it a better place. This event overshadowed everything, even the good stuff. This year will be remembered by all of us for quite some time to come.

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