Flustered with FUN

Lately I have been running about, trying to finish off some artwork (both paying jobs and promises to friends) while simultaneously arranging some travel. I took a quick trip to LA a week or so ago, to celebrate longtime-pal Tony Stacchi‘s birthday. Next up I will visit New York, to spend some quality time with my friends Dave and Rhode. After that, I have a longer trip back home to Australia to attend a family birthday, and also visit some friends down there who I haven’t seen in many years.

Due to the concurrent rise in Oil prices and the drop in the US dollar, the price of a airline ticket to Australia at LOW season is more than a HIGH season ticket was just a few years ago… about double. OUCH. That trip ALSO requires some shopping for camping equipment, as I will be going on a 5 day hike/camping trip through the bush with some old pals from my hometown… I haven’t been proper camping (as opposed to mere car camping) for many years, so I am very much looking forward to this trek, but hoping that my flabby body will be equal to the task of hauling a load of gear up hill and down dale for 5 days… we shall just have to wait and see….

One way or another, I should have some fun to write about soon; either FUN-fun, or horror-fun… because even the trips that go wrong are fun in the retelling!

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