Didgeridoo dude

 Posted by on March 1, 2006  Drawings
Mar 012006

Here’s the latest for Dad’s elephant-limerick book.. it illustrates the story of a science student in England who tries to communicate with zoo elephants by using the low frequency sounds from a didgeridoo… I will finish this particular illustration with pen and ink, when I get back in a drawing mood…

This week has been a mini-break from drawing. I have been writing for a change, mostly ideas for comics stories. Plus, I’ve recently been writing down a bunch of childhood memories. My Dad thinks that this is a manifestation of a mid-life-crisis but I’ve been enjoying the writing, so maybe it isn’t an MLC after all. It can’t really be a “crisis” if I’m enjoying myself…

Anyway, one or two of the memory-yarns might make make funny comics stories… we shall see…

  3 Responses to “Didgeridoo dude”

  1. I like this drawing Jamie, I like the way the kids eyes are shut…

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, you swell folks.

  3. nice drawing!

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