Captain America

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Nov 062008

This is a sketch I did during this year’s APE show. Rafael Navarro has been keeping a CAPTAIN AMERICA sketchbook where he asks other people to draw his favourite super-hero, and this was my contribution. In retrospect, I should have drawn Captain America with Barack Obama’s face!

  4 Responses to “Captain America”

  1. Sweet Captain America.

  2. awww, isn’t he sweet?

    Probably means he’s a bit off-model if the word “sweet” gets bandied about…

  3. Great drawing! Looks like Steve Hussein Rogers is about to kick some serious butt!

    Btw, my wife and I LOVED your book about Jock!

  4. Actually, I just use the word SWEET too much. I prefer thie Steve Rogers Capt. America to the current Bucky America.

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