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Lately, I’ve been planning my self-published books for next year. 2011 will mark the 10th year of my self-publishing efforts, which began at Comic Con 2001, when I exhibited for the very first time (sharing a table with Bosco Ng and Derek Thompson).

Rocket Rabbit

Although there has been a steady flow of comics and minis in the interim, my output of published pages has not been as much as I’d wanted. Based on the amount of time I spend thinking about, and planning for this stuff, it should have been 5 times as many pages by now. I’ve been scribbling away on ideas for that entire decade (filling ring-binders with thumbnail layouts and story outlines) but lacking in the follow-through on some of the half-started ideas, which is partly an issue of TIME but is more accurately a lack of SELF-DISCIPLINE. So I’ve decided not to work on any NEW ideas until I’ve sifted through this pile of stuff to see if any of it can be made into something.

With that resolution in mind, I’m planning a big collection of Rocket Rabbit stories, probably broken into 2 books (possibly even 3). I hope to have the first collection coming out for Comic Con 2011, containing ALL the Rocket stories I’ve published, PLUS about the same amount of NEW material. A 10 year Anniversary Rocket Rabbit collection is in order, as HE got me started with all this self-publishing silliness in the first place. I have bashed together an outline for all (well, most) of the ideas I’ve ever had for that character, so that they can be combined under some sort of “story arc” though that is a grandiose term for what I hope to be a very silly book.

Now I just have to start the process of tidying it up…

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