Rocket Rabbit Collection

Feb 272011

For the EMERALD CITY convention in Seattle this week, I have a “new” book to sell; a 56 page collection of all the Rocket Rabbit stories that I’ve published so far.

Rocket Rabbit

KENESS has really come through with yet another fantastic print job. At 8.25×10.5 inches, this format is much bigger than any of the earlier Rocket Rabbit books and the print quality is much better too. Some of the earliest stories were out of print so this was a way of bringing them back to light and they have never looked better.

Rocket Rabbit

I still plan on getting NEW Rocket Rabbit stories done by the end of 2011 but frankly it has been hard to find the time in what has been a busy work year so far, so this collection is a good place-holder till I generate some new pages.

Rocket Rabbit

Starting this Friday 4th of March and through Sunday the 6th, I will be sharing booth Space #606 with the same two gentlemen who gave me a spot last time around; DEREK THOMPSON & TED MATHOT. Emerald City is a wonderful show and I hope to see some of you there!

  3 Responses to “Rocket Rabbit Collection”

  1. Jamie- This looks great, congratulations! That’s great that its in a big format. Are there any new features included? Like pin-ups?

    Good luck at Emerald City!

    • Rhode, no new features in this compilation. I want to save that for the BIG BIG collection I have in mind, down the line, when I get a whole big story arc done.

      Trust me, you’d know if there were pin-ups in any book of mine as I’d be asking YOU to do one!

  2. Amazing as always , sir! I wish I was going to be at Emerald City, good luck.

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