Babes In Space

I’m a contributor to Benton Jew’s Babes in Space anthology, which goes on sale for the first time at the 2004 San Diego comic-con. My contribution is a 10 page NAUTI GIRL story, that I expanded from a short sequence that she appeared in in NERVE BOMB #0.1.

There are short stories by a bunch of different artists: Benton Jew, (who also edited the thing) Anson Jew, Les Toil, Ed Reynolds (who did the book design and layout) and my ole pal, Bosco Ng.

Obviously each story combines some aspects of Space…. and Babes.

I’ll have some copies on sale soon through my Web Store (look to the left for the link), or you could get them via Bud Plant’s catalog if you prefer that option. If you DO visit Bud Plant, type “sketchbooks” or my name into the search field to find all my Gourmet Gruel sketchbooks on sale.

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